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About us

A sensory experience was born on the green plains of Bairrada and has now materialised in the Adamus brand. This unique brand combines the knowledge of four family generations with the rigour of the properties that only high technology can offer us.

Adamus is like a small diamond that also seduces with its name of Hellenic origin, "Adamas" - this was the source of inspiration for developing the brand's sophisticated bottle. And even the choice of cork, a natural Portuguese product, for the bottle stopper reflects the brand's focus on sustainability.

Client Reviews

"Is there a Nobel Prize for the best Gin I've ever had? Simple words... excellent, superb, magnificent and I want more."

— Luis Amoroso

"This is... perfection. I don't know how they will get over it next year! This gin is simply magnificent! I recommend everyone to try it!"

— Andrew P

"The smell of the gin, when opening the bottle, was of such a delicacy. The hapiness was even bigger after the first sip, what a delight, just sublime."

— Dirk Blomme
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