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Adamus Organic Dry Gin Magnum 250cl

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A super premium organic dry gin

Adamus is a handcrafted premium gin from Portugal. To create this gin, we searched for the best and most special organic botanicals in Portugal. We tested 86 natural botanicals and from those, we selected the best 18. This is the only gin in the world in which one of the botanicals is the wine grape that only grows in Bairrada, a small region of this country, giving this drink a delicate and fruity flavour.
Besides the wine grape, we can find in this gin organic botanicals with biological production, such as: hibiscus, juniper, orange, lemon, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and salvia. We cannot reveal the others because they are part of the mystery that makes Adamus so special.
Adamus has a floral and lightly fruity aroma and a complex flavour, with lavender, herbs, honeysuckle and grapefruit as the main tasting notes. Regarding its color, it is crystal clear with a medium length and dry finish.
The special bottle of this gin also shows one of the things that Portugal is known for, which is the cork. It emphasizes the naturalness of this drink and gives it a unique look.
From this complex selection of organic botanicals wisely chosen by our botanicals masters, results a premium gin with a sublime spirit and a pleasant taste.

Technical Details

Alcohol content: 44.4% 
Alc.Volume: 2500ml
Weight: 5 kg

Customer Reviews

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Allan Gross Soloy

Adamus is not just gin-Adamus is a must have in your Gin collection... So then the big bottle...👍👍👍

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