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The reflection of the sublime spirit of Adamus in the new packaging

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The reflection of the sublime spirit of Adamus in the new packaging

Adamus is based on the claim "Sublime Spirit".

From the beginning, our focus has been to provide a sublime experience throughout the entire process. From the first contact with the product (the touch), to the moment of enjoying and tasting our gin (the taste).

It was with this principle that we developed a new box: more attractive, a 360 sensory experience that awakens to the look and touch, with textures and colors chosen in detail.

The new adamus box combines an exquisite, light and attractive bringing a certain mystic that we like to preserve. With a cutting edge that reveals a little of your sublime interior, showing the essence of ADAMUS and creating a spontaneous desire to open up and discover more.


Always based on our environmental commitment, this new experience is also sustainable, reinforcing our commitment and continuous effort from day one.

To produce each bottle of Adamus we have implemented a set of quality assurance measures and environmental rigor:
- 100% Natural cork in a distinct, unique and passionate cork;
- Use of energy from renewable and ecological sources
- Optimization of water consumption in the production process.
- Favor the use of materials from sustainable and ecological resources.


For this new box we chose raw materials from certified companies. Made from 100% fresh fiberboard, a renewable and traceable resource coming from sustainably managed forests, thus ensuring a lower environmental impact.

The visual appearance and the feeling to the touch is fundamental.
After all, we are facing a "Sublime Spirit".

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