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Best Snacks and Foods to go with Gin

Best Snacks and Foods to go with Gin:
Fruits, Pate and Cheese;
Popcorn and Chocolate.

As the days get longer the urge of having a delicious gin in the late-afternoon grows bigger. And why not add a few snacks? Some people might feel like they’re not skilled enough to risk food an gin combos - it is, indeed, not always easy to find the right flavours - but, on the other hand, harmonizing gin with food is gaining popularity with the #ginstronomy. There are more and more chefs mixing the complex flavours of gin with delicious food.

The good news is you don’t have to be a chef to make delicious combinations of gin and food. Next time you don’t know what to eat while you drink your gin tonic, remember to check this article’s tips:

Seafood never fails

Are there any seafood lovers around? If there’s a flavour that complements in perfection gin, it’s this one. But there’s more - smoked salmon is also a great option, because the fat in smoked salmon has a rich flavour that goes really well with gin. For an extra freshness touch, add a little lemon juice in the salmon.

Seafood snack to go with gin

On other hand, shrimp is also a great accompaniment for gin and mussels are another great option.

Fruits, paté and cheese

Why not add some delicious berries? Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries and cranberries are great suitors, inside and outside the glass. The most refined tastes will also love to drink gin tonic with some paté. And speaking of refined, try cheeses too. The more intense in their flavour, the better they pair with gin.

various types of cheese

Popcorn and chocolate

Why not add some popcorn and make a movie session? This is an unlikely snack that you can also add to this list. And the more caramelized the popcorn are, the better. We also have good news for the chocolate lovers. A few chocolate squares are a great company to enjoy while drinking a gin tonic.

Chocolate pyramid to go with gin

These are only a few suggestions of food that goes well with gin. It turns out, this is a very versatile and food-friendly drink. Next time you have a gin in your hand and you’re hungry, you won’t be missing in options of the best snacks and foods to go with Gin.


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