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Adamus Unmistakable Flavor

€75.00 75.00

Adamus offers unique and sublime experience. The Adamus Father's Day Pack is the perfect gift for your dad, where you can include your unique personalization.
Create a memorable experience with Adamus Gin Signature Edition 2021 and a Box of Dates with Dark Chocolate.

This pack includes:
  • 1 Adamus Gin Signature Edition 2021 70cl,
  • 2 Adamus Gin Signature Edition 2021 Glasses
  • 1 Personalized cork
  • 2 Adamus Gin Signature Edition 2021 Coasters
  • 1 Free Box of Dates with Dark Chocolate
To turn this gift even more special, we offer a personalized cork and a card with a personalized message.
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