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Adamus Unmistakable Flavor with Marc Spirit

€130.00 130.00

Adamus Unmistakable Flavor with Marc Spirit

Adamus offers unique and sublime experience. The Adamus Father's Day Pack is the perfect gift for your dad, where you can include your unique personalization.
Create a memorable experience with Adamus Gin Signature Edition 2021, a Box of Dates with Dark Chocolate and a Marc Spirit Miniature

This pack includes:

  • 2 Adamus Gin Signature Edition 2021 70cl,
  • 1 Adamus Marc Spirit 5cl
  • 2 Adamus Gin Signature Edition 2021 Glasses
  • 1 Personalized Cork
  • 2 Adamus Gin Signature Edition 2021 Coasters
  • 1 Free Box of Dates with Dark Chocolate

To turn this gift even more special, we offer a personalized cork and a card with a personalized message.
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