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Adamus Dry Gin - Primavera Cocktail

Posted by Cátia Gomes on

Adamus Dry Gin - Primavera Cocktail

Spring brings with it longer days and higher temperatures, being the ideal time to gather friends or family for dinner, a moment to relax after a day of work, or an afternoon of pure fun at the weekend.

With these unique moments in mind, Adamus presents a recipe for a fresh and flavorful cocktail to impress everyone around him.


How to prepare:

  • In a shaker add 2 large ice cubes;
  • Add 3cl of Adamus Organic Dry Gin
  • Add 3cl of hibiscus syrup;
  • Add 2.5cl lemon juice
  • Add 1.5cl of egg white
  • Mix vigorously until the shaker is chilled.
  • Use the strainer to pour into a cocktail glass
  • Add a small slice of pineapple to decorate

This cocktail enhances the fruity and fresh notes of our dry gin.



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